The N.C. Detective Agency offers a wide variety of services to meet all of your security and protection needs. All services are offered with an armed and/or unarmed officer. If you have a unique need that is not listed, simply call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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NCDA offers security and protection and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Do not let your protection rest or take a holiday, keep your property safe at all times.



Provide protection to your property when you need it the most. Shift patrols are a great cost effective choice when adding a security service. These shifts can be for any time of the day during any time of the year.



Patrol vehicles are a great visible and effective way to provide security to your property. Marked and unmarked patrol vehicles are available with emergency lighting.



Foot patrol security is a great way to cover you protection area. Officers on foot have easy access to check doors, interact with others, and and have full range of your property. Foot patrol security is a great way to cover you protection area. oot patrol is a highly visible and cost effective way to protect your property.


Protect the reisdents and property of your apartment complex with courtesy officers. These officers provide onsite protection and a emergency contact for residents. Having onsite security at an apartment complex makes current and new residents feel safe about their living or occupancy decision. Officers provide a full report to the property management.


Provide a safe and secure enivronment for your hotel staff and guests. Security officers patrol your property, respond to noise complaints and response to all emergencies.



Government properties have become a speciality to the NCDA team in the last few years. These properties require extra attention and awareness. Reliable security and protection at government departments and agencies is a must.



Industural complexes require security and protection on mulitple levels. NCDA can provide this protection with a reliable team that can monitor cameras, screen guests and ensure a safe work environment for the employees.



Protect property, customers, and tenants with security officers at your shopping center. These reliable officers patrol the area and act as a first contact for any emergency.



Protect your hard work, tools, and property with security at your construction site. Protection available anytime of the day or night.



Ensure the safety and security of your school, students, and staff with school resource officers. These officers provide onsite protection to the school and act as a first responder.



When alarms are activated, don’t put yourself or employees in harm's way. The alarm response units ensure your property is safe and secure without you having to respond.